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Fri Sep 26 2014

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3D printing

KYOCERA Document Solutions look to be the first mainstream printer manufacturer to enter in to the 3D printer market. They have announced the launch of their first 3D printer in partnership with 3D Systems. This ongoing relationship will mean KYOCERA dealers will be bringing 3D printers to their existing client base as the market is maturing.


The CubePro is ideal for any business that:

  • Is involved in concept design where they need to bring a 3D drawing to life
  • Or prototyping where form, function and fit are important
  • Education is a key vertical for this product.


The CubePro, CubePro Duo and CubePro Trio are Plastic Jet Printing (PJP) devices. They build models by heating a plastic filament and delivering the material layer by layer onto a build platform.

What next

The CubePro launch will be followed by a range of professional devices, with full colour printing, providing the perfect 3D print range for existing and new clients as they adopt this technology.

Kyocera release 3D printer
Kyocera release 3D printer

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