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Fri Sep 26 2014

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What is a photocopier?

A photocopier is a piece of equipment for producing paper copies of documents and images. Although modern photocopiers do a huge amount more than this. You find them in schools and offices around the world.


Chester Carlson invented the original process in 1938 and called it "electrophotography". In 1944 the Battelle Memorial Institute contracted Chester to refine his process. The name of this process was later changed to xerography.

The Xerox Corporation introduced its first xerographic photocopier, the Model A, in 1949. The company was so successful in North America, "xeroxing" became synonymous for photocopying. Since then photocopiers have became ubiquitous in offices and other workplaces.

Modern photocopiers

Photocopiers have come a long way since their invention. Now doing far more than reproducing documents. They can now send emails, scan to the network, create PDFs, produce finished documents and more. They are so different that these days we tend to refer to them as multifunctional printers.

What is a photocopier?
What is a photocopier?

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