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We can implement a plethora of hard and soft security solutions.

Secure document storage & access

Every organisation has a need to store documents and the days of filing paper based documents in hefty metal cabinets are long gone for most of us. Storing them is only the beginning of the documents lifecycle though because you need to be able to trace those documents wherever they are, either locally or in the cloud. That's where we come in. We provide the tools for you to scan documents to a plethora of locations and applications and the method to search, index, categorise and find the same documents at point of need.

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Data Protection

Is my printer's hard disk secure? Will my MFD meet the standards of new EU legislation around GDPR? Traditional print and document management infrastructure may be a weak spot but with our security tools we can help make you cyber secure and address the security posture of your MFD and other print assets.


By introducing efficient document management you can give employees access to critical document processes that will keep your business moving smoothly. Indexed storage and version control enables them to collaborate with other employees or even customers and suppliers whenever and wherever needed.


Scalability is one of the key factors when choosing any well designed document management system. What works for your firm now needs to continue working for you as your business grows. The more documents you store the more important it is to manage them effectively. Our solutions provide all you need to ensure the system is growth proof and future proof.

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There are many possible options and decisions to make when it comes to print and document solutions. They can be hard to hard to navigate, particularly for the inexperienced.

If you need more advice or information, we can talk you through your options and help you make a better decision.

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