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We offer flexible and cost effective lease and purchase options.

Flexible printer leasing & purchasing

Our aim is to make acquiring your new equipment painless by providing flexible credit facilities for all companies. For those with the funds available, outright purchase may be the right choice but if you want your equipment immediately, rather than when budgets allow, a lease option is simple and safe with a fixed cost throughout the lease period. The relationships we have developed with funders over more than 30 years positions us ideally to get you the best deal and enables us to approve facilities for all but the most challenging cases.

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Authorised & regulated by the FCA

We are an independent business. Authorised and Regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), so you can rest assured your finances are protected and that we meet the strict requirements set out by the FCA. Our relationships with lenders and brokers over the last 30+ years means we can offer the keenest and most flexible facilities.

Benefits & features

Equipment rental

Are you uncertain about your usage or needs? Not sure how long your project will last? Thinking about moving? There are plenty of circumstances where companies will not necessarily want a printer on the balance sheet or are unwilling to make a longer term commitment. This is where our printer rental fleet can provide the perfect solution. We can provide state of the art equipment at short notice and on flexible terms from 1 day to 1 year.

Leasing vs purchase




Minimal impact to available capital

No ongoing expenditure

Tax efficient

Can work out cheaper for the equipment

Flexible term lengths

Equipment owned outright




Subject to approval

Ties up capital

Increased monthly outgoings

Servicing more expensive

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There are many possible options and decisions to make when it comes to print and document solutions. They can be hard to hard to navigate, particularly for the inexperienced.

If you need more advice or information, we can talk you through your options and help you make a better decision.

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